Entrance Terminal QPM-100

Entrance terminal QPM-100
  • Issuance of barcode tickets.
  • Issuing tickets after pressing a button or having a car in front of the entrance terminal.
  • Issuance of a ticket only in the presence of a car.
  • Submitting a signal to the barrier after picking up the ticket from the terminal.
  • Blocking the issuance of tickets after the vacancies are filled.
  • Ticket cassette with a capacity of up to 8000 tickets.
  • Indication of the number of tickets in the container.
  • Alarm when the minimum number of tickets in the container is reached.
  • Emergency barrier opening function and warning text on the display.

  • Options: Professional IP intercom system with the ability to connect to monitoring. Heating with fan and thermostat 200W. Possibility for Different colors of the front panel
    Technical specificaions

    LCD дисплай за визуализация на информация
    Management and functions
    • Bar code ticket printer
    • Contactless card reader
    • 8000 ticket container
    • Inductive detector
    • Remote emergency barrier opening and warning function
    • Ticket availability information
    • Signal when minimum number of remaining tickets is reached
    4 outputs with possibility for NO / COM / NC communication of 24VDC-2A, 120VAC-1A


    Entrance Terminal QPM-100
    Съвместимост (pdf)
    Entrance Terminal QPM-100
    Тест протокол Бг (pdf)
    Entrance Terminal QPM-100
    Тест протокол ЕС (pdf)