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Access Control System with Fingerprints

The fingerprint recognition method is the most used biometric solution in Bulgaria and worldwide. This type of systems scans quickly and comfortably, and the checking process does not cost a lot of time or expenses.

Advantages of the Fingerprints Access Control Systems:

  • Safety: There is no need to use cards or keys, which can be lost, forgotten or falsified. Also there is no need of authorization code that can be forgotten or stolen.
  • Lower exploitation expenses: No expenses for cards or keys for the new employees, as well as for reissuing the ones, which got defective or lost. The lack of staff authorization materials minimizes the expenses.
  • The reports of the system for control of the work time can be compromised by authorization with not authorized card or access code. This shortcoming is avoided with the fingerprint authorization.

Qntra Technology Ltd. works with the biometric devices of Nitgen, which are capable of satisfying all your safety and protection requirements.