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System for automatic recognition of the car license plates

Purpose and advantages of the system:

Integration of the system for recognition of the car license plates of the incoming and outgoing thru the controlled zone cars.

Thru the integration of that system becomes possible to add additional functionality to the parking lot systems as:

  • Automatic authorization after system recognition of the number;
  • Statistics of the entered and exited cars according to their license plates;
  • Automatic ban of staff cards according to the license plate of the car in case of systematic violations;
  • Prevention of the possibility another car to use the same card;
  • Periodic reports with photograph of the car license plate;
  • Additional protection against car theft from the parking zone
    (Tracking of the vehicle registration number by card or ticket number at the entry compared with the numbers at the exit.);
  • Online monitoring with photographs of the entrance/ exit zones.