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Hotel controller QDC-130

Controller for air conditioning and energy saving system management.Communication with QMC 1002IP is necessary.


  • High quality of the service which we offer;
  • Air Conditioning management;
  • Balcony door management;
  • Energy - Saving System management;
  • Panic button;
  • Data collection and optimization via software;
  • 5 programmable alarm inputs;
  • 128 000 occurrences memory;
  • 3 (inside) management inputs, 2 (outside) management outputs.

Technical specifications

CommunicationRS485 and extra RS485 for IO extender modules
Memory128 000 occurrences and alarms memory
IndicationTwo-color LED indication
ManagementSynced with the main controller
Inputs5 programmable alarm inputs
Outputs3 (inside) management outputs; 2 (outside) management outputs;(NO/COM/NC)
FunctionsAir Conditioning System management; Energy - Saving System management
Operating current210mA
Supply voltage12-24VDC
Guarantee36 months