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Different colors of the front panel.

Entrance Terminal

  • Barcode tickets issuing.
  • Tickets issuing after pushing the button or after an automobile appears in front of the entrance terminal.
  • Ticket issuing only when there is an automobile.
  • Passing a signal to the barrier after taking the ticket from the terminal.
  • Block the ticket issuing when there are no free spaces in the parking zone.
  • Container for 4000p. tickets.
  • Indication for the number of tickets in the terminal's container.
  • Alarm when the container is out of tickets or there are only a few tickets in the container.


  • Professional IP intercom system with the option to connect to monitoring center.
  • Counting of the entered cars and management of LED signs;
  • Heating with ventilator and thermostat200W.
  • Different colors of the face panel.

Technical Specifications

DisplayLCD display for visualization of the information.240X128DOT.
Management and functions
  • Printer for barcode tickets;
  • Contactless cards reader;
  • Container for 4000p. tickets;
  • Inductive detector 1CH;
  • Function for remote crush opening of barriers and displaying warning text on the display;
  • Indication of the amount of tickets in the container;
  • Alarming when reaching a minimum amount of tickets in the container;
DisplayLCD display for visualization of the information.240X128DOT
Outputs4 relay outputs with NO/COM/NC possibility of commutation of 24VDC-2A, 120VAC-1A. For barriers, external devices management.
Color of the baseRAL 7012
Color of the front panelMain color: RAL 2000; Opportunity to personalize the color of the front panel.
Voltage/Frequency220-230VAC 50HZ
Max. power consumption W460W
Heating (option)160W
Dimensions (mm)350/350/1250
Guarantee36 mounts