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QDC-CAR Display Controller

Car Count Display Controller

  • Easy and fast orientation in the parking zone;
  • Control and allocation of the parking traffic by levels with indications and LED displays;
  • Reducing the unnecessary traffic in the parking zone;
  • Parking zone capacity optimization;
  • High quality of the service which we offer;
  • Data collection and optimization via software.

Technical specifications

Communication portRS-485 interface for communication with the main controller
RS-232 communication with the LED displays.
IndicationSound and LED indication
  • Manage 2 input/output zones;
  • LED displays;
  • 2 traffic lights or other devices;
  • 2 inputs for alarms;
  • 2 outputs for traffic lights or other external devices;
  • Managing voltage and power 220V/4A.
  • Different systems alarm signals input;
  • Fire alarm system;
  • Systems for gas protection and other.
Outputs2 management outputs, each one with switching option 220V/4А,(NO/COM/NC)
Functions Managing of:
  • LED displays and traffic lights.
  • LED displays with one or many symbols.
  • LED signs.
Operating current210mA
Supply voltage12-24VDC
Dimensions (mm)105/86/57
Guarantee24 mounts

Different opportunities about system work

  • Separately;
  • In different parking systems integrated.

Input-Output traffic control and visualization

  • Free parking spaces;
  • Busy parking spaces.

LED displays for dynamic information management.

  • Dynamic text;
  • Numbers;
  • Indicating signs.

Traffic lights management

  • Red light: The parking zone is busy;
  • Green light: Free spaces in the parking zone;
  • Anti-Pass-Back function offline regime of work;
  • Additional RS485 interface for IO modules and extenders.