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Controller for management of 2 pieces Wiegand readers for contactless cards.

  • Maximum distance between the QDC LAN Controller and readers - 80m.
  • REX – request to exit; DOOR monitor– door status monitoring; Fire Alarm-external systems input.
  • Programmable inputs.
  • TCP/IP communication interface.
  • 2 pieces Wiegand readers management option.
  • 5 programmable alarm inputs.When signal comes on a controller’s input, another controller’s output will be triggered.
  • Occurrences from the alarm inputs recording.
  • 2 management outputs, each one with switching option, (NO/COM/NC).
  • 128 000 occurrences memory, synced with the main controller.
  • Offline regime of work, with Anti-Pass-Back function.
  • Technical specification

    CommunicationTCP/IP integrated communication.
    Memory128 000 occurrences and alarms memory.
    IndicationSound and LED indication.
    Management2 pieces Wiеgand readers management, maximum distance between the QDC LAN controller and readers up to 80m.
    Inputs5 programmable alarm inputs. Recording the occurrences from the alarm inputs. REX, DOOR monitor, Fire Alarm input.
    Outputs2 management outputs, each one with switching option (NO/COM/NC).
    FunctionsOnline/offline regime of work, Anti-Pass-Back function.
    Operating current250mA
    Supply voltage12-24VDC
    Dimensions (mm)105/86/57
    Guarantee36 месеца