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QMC-CAR Main Controller

Car Count Main Controller

  • Easy and fast orientation in the parking zone.
  • Control and allocation of the parking traffic by levels through indications and LED displays.
  • Reducing the unnecessary traffic in the parking zone.
  • Parking zone capacity optimization.
  • High quality of the service which we offer.
  • Data collection and optimization via software.

Technical specifications

Communication portRS-485 interface for communication with the display controllers
Memory50 000 occurrences and alarms memory
IndicationSound and LED indication
LCD display and keyboard for settings
ManagementManage 31 display controllers
Outputs2 management outputs, each one with switching option 220V/4А,(NO/ COM/NC)
FunctionsCounting and visualization programming and setting, pursuant with the needs of the concrete subject
Operating current250mA
Supply voltage12-24VDC
Dimensions (mm)95/80/57
Guarantee24 mounts

Different opportunities about system work

  • Separately;
  • In different parking systems integrated.

Input-Output traffic control and visualization

  • Free parking spaces;
  • Busy parking spaces.

LED displays for dynamic information management.

  • Dynamic text;
  • Numbers;
  • Indicating signs.

Traffic lights management

  • Red light: The parking zone is busy;
  • Green light: Free spaces in the parking zone.