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RevLock 610


Automatic 3-obstacle security revolving door (120°) and additional sliding doors

Automatic Systems’ RevLock series of high-security revolving doors offers a modern design that suits all architectural styles. RevLock 610 motorised 3-obstacle revolving doors allow for simultaneous bidirectional access to a continuous flow of authorised users, while denying access to unauthorised users without reversing the direction of rotation of the mobile obstacles. RevLock 610 doors are equipped with additional sliding doors for enhanced throughtput.

RevLock 610 main features are :

  • Full-height security doors
  • Presence and intrusion detection (anti-tailgating) by infrared beams
  • User safety ensured by additional systems (motor torque management, back-up battery, collapsing obstacles...)
  • Volumetric sensor for single passage detection
  • Light, modern structure featuring a large, glazed surface
  • Indoor, facade or outdoor installation
  • Flexible solution to meet customer needs (e.g. increase height to 2300 mm (90 1/2’’))
  • Wide range of accessories available
  • Control panel for set up and control
  • Automated high-flow pedestrian access control
  • Energy savings