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RevLock 601


Automatic 4-obstacle security revolving door (90°)

Automatic Systems’ RevLock series of high-security revolving doors offers a modern design that suits all architectural styles. RevLock 601 motorised 4-obstacle revolving doors allow for simultaneous bidirectional access to a continuous flow of authorised users, while denying access to unauthorised users.

RevLock 601 main features are :

  • Presence and intrusion detection (anti-tailgating) by infrared beams
  • Volumetric sensor for single passage detection
  • User safety ensured by additional systems (motor torque management, back-up battery, collapsing obstacles ...)
  • Elegant, thin canopy for integration into virtually any building, while ensuring passage height in excess of 2000 mm (78 3/4”)
  • Doors are mounted directly onto existing floor
  • Indoor, facade or outdoor installation
  • Flexible solution to meet customer needs (e.g. increase height to 2300 mm (90 1/2’’))
  • Energy savings
  • Automated high-flow pedestrian access control
  • Remote management using TCP/IP connectivity

The main market segments concerned by RevLock 601 security revolving doors are :

  • Office buildings
  • Headquarters
  • Administrative sites
  • Government buildings
  • Airports