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PMD 335

Reduced Mobility Compliant Swing Gate - Matching PNG 380

Automatic Systems' swing gate PMD range is used in conjunction with the PNG 380 security entrance lane. With the similarity of design allows for an aesthetically-pleasing uniformity when installed together with the PNG 380. It provides a wider walkway for the evacuation of buildings in the event of an emergency and/or for people with reduced mobility and for services personnel.

The PMD 335 is a motorized gate, with a brushed stainless steel housing the same length as the PNG 380, PNG 390 and PNG 390 Twin.

PMD 335 main characteristics are :

  • Materials chosen for their qualities of resistance, endurance and safety
  • Ensures millions of cycles without breakdown
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Safety photocells
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Multiple configurations for passage management (free, controlled, mono- or bi-directional...)
  • Easy integration with any type of identification or authorization system
  • Stand-alone installation facing a wall, railing or other type of obstacle