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TRS 372

TRS 372 is a full-height turnstile, with 3-arm mobile obstacle, with 3 sections per passage. It offers a minimal footprint for access control of sites with a heavy flow of users.

TRS 372 main characteristics are:

  • Rotating obstacle, fixed obstacle and frame in galvanized steel
  • Housing customisation to perfectly match the surrounding architectural style: according to RAL
  • Guaranteed corrosion resistance in hostile environments
  • Obstracle height: 2290 mm.
  • Anti-fraud/
  • Multiple configurations of passage management: free, controlled, locked
  • Anti-climbing structure
  • Mechanical locking
  • Access control : entry, exit or bi-directional
  • Modularity noumerous options : obstacle in stainless steel, roof extensions, heel protectors
  • The principal market segments:

  • Industries
  • Sensitive sites : military, nuclear, pharmaceuticals, data processing centers
  • Sport, leisure and cultural centers
  • Ports and harbor installations
  • Airports