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ParkPlus 100

Many parking areas, whether indoor or outdoor, require entry and exit control, especially when it comes to paid parking. These applications demand robust rising barriers that can be integrated with, and controlled by, an external management system. ParkPlus barriers offer a simple solution that is highly reliable and competitively priced.

ParkPlus is an intellegent barrier with software embedded in, that provides real time monitoring and the ability to configure and maintain the barrier locally or remotely via a simple web browser. The barrier also has auto-monitoring of failures and automatic reconfiguration mechanism.

Qntra Park systems with ParkPlus 100 barrier:

  • Burgas Airport
  • Plovdiv Airport
  • Action Aquapark
  • Varna Airport
  • LIDL - Studentski grad
  • Benefits:

    • Asimilation of major traffic flows on entry and exit;
    • Easy integration at site;
    • Low operating costs;
    • Convenient for advertising;
    • Generates revenue.
    • Video