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Main Controller managing 31 controllers


  • High quality of the service which we offer;
  • Data collection and optimization via software;
  • In different Fire Alarm systems integrated;
  • Programmable inputs;
  • TCP/IP interface communication;
  • Manage 31 controllers;
  • Recording the alarm inputs occurrences;
  • 2 management inputs, both configurable;
  • 128 000 occurrences memory;
  • Anti-Pass-Back function;
  • Emergency door opening function.

Technical specifications

CommunicationTCP/IP integrated communication
Memory128 000 occurrences and alarms memory
  • Sound indication
  • Two-color LED indication
Management31 controllers management
Inputs2 configurable inputs
One of them have fire alarm function.

Emergency door opening when QMC-1002IP pass a signal to all other DOOR controllers.

FunctionsAnti-Pass-Back function
Operating current180mA
Supply voltage12-24VDC
Dimensions (mm)85/65/57
Guarantee36 mounts
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