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Automated parking system at San Stefano Plaza

It is claimed that the buildings just like the people have their own life, spirit and history. If this is true the district around the former brewery of Proshek Brothers at the capital street San Stefano is living her second life. Today at that place the fabric is been replaced with polyfunctional complex, called San Stefano Plaza- with four floors of undergrounded garages at the dazzling depth of 18,50 meters and width 6,5 decare. The build-up area is 55 000 square meters. The parking zone have 450 parking spots. Luxurious complex like San Stefano Plaza should have high-efficiency and reliable system with uncompromising quality. Qntra company undertake the build up of automated parking system and Access control of the residential building. The parking zone is equipped with 4 Entrance terminal-QPM 100, one Exit terminal- QPM-200, four payment terminals QPM-1000PS, four automatic barriers Park Plus and it’s controlled by secure and reliable parking software- QPS Park. The perfect finishing touch added by the specialists of the Qntra for convenience and comfort of the complex is system that bears vacant places at the parking lot. Welcome to the future of parking with Qntra Park. The undoubtedly quality in the construction requires reliable and high-quality system, granted by the leaders in the field of parking technology.