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Tokuda Hospital Sofia

Tokuda Hospital Sofia was officially opened on 29th of November 2006. This is the first hospital in Bulgaria, which is 100% foreign investment. It is a part of the international medical chain Tokushukai Medical Corporation and is named after its owner Dr. Torao Tokuda. The statistics shows the high workload of the hospital. It requires the availability of affordable and reliable system with high throughput. The hospital rely on Qntra for building that kind of system. The automated parking system contains one entrance terminal QPM-100 Entrance, one exit terminal QPM-200 Exit, one payment terminal QPM-1002IP, two automated barriers BL-229, two operation stations and software for management of the payments and the duration of the spent time in the parking. The end of November is significant for Tokuda hospital with the start of the new system which makes parking a lot easier.