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Parking Software QPS

Software for management of the payments, the duration of the time spent in the zone and the subscription cards for the parking

  • Automatic registration of the time of Entrance, and Exit, and calculation of the time spent in the parking area according to the card type.
  • Possibility for automatic barrier lifting or after operator confirmation and description of the reason for it.
  • Possibility for card type configuration:
    • Visitor – gets taxed according to the created tariff
    • Guest – for guests of the hotel, restaurant etc
    • Subscriber – the fee for the fixed period of time is paid in advance
    • Staff card
  • Possibility to change and adjust the tariffs, acording to the wishes of the client.
  • Possibility for different number of operators to work after password authorization
  • Monitoring of the number of free and occupied parking places
  • Potentiality to manage readers for staff and subscription cards
  • Definition in advance of the period of free of chardge time that can be spend in the parking
  • Issuing of fiscal receipt by a cash register or a fiscal printer model-Datecs
  • Opportunity to export reports as DOC, XLS, RTF, PDF etc.

QPS:Qntra Park Software

The registration and access control of the staff and the subscription cards, as well as the payment and extend of the stay in the area are done by the software module for the parking lot management. QPS includes the opportunity to define different tariffs for hour stay, as well as diverse subscription tariff plans (yearly; monthly; weekly; daily and other).

The QPS module can provide different types of reports. They can be printed or exported as DOC, XLS, RTF, PDF etc.