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Access Control System with HID products

HID Global distributes its products, solutions and services through a wide distribution network around the world. As a part of this network, the team of Qntra Technology, guarantees, that the access control system developed with HID products, provides high level of security, compactness and elegant design.

HID is a world leader in the field of technology for access control, with proven performance and reliability of its products. The card readers, that bring together major brands, such as CLASS®, SmartID™, HID Prox and Indala® Prox, may be with low frequency (125 KHz)
and with high one (13.56 KHz)

Winner of numerous awards, such as CARTES SESAME, ASIS Accolades and the awards of the Security Industry Association for new Showcase product - innovation prizes. The HID readers iCLASS SIO™-Enabled (iCLASS SE)are expanding the concept of aceess control system, by allowing the use of other devices, like smartphones, etc., beside from readers and controllers.At the same time they increase the level of security and reliability of the system.