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Hotel systems

Contemporary hotel systems are offering flexible decisions with many positives for both the hoteliers and the tourists. The most important thing here is that the interests of one of the sides don't get affected on account of the interests of other sides. The purpose is to achieve full harmonization, whose result is a pleasant vacation for the guests, which will be left with good impressions and with the desire to come back. The aim is also the good profit and the avoidance of unnecessary losses (like unnecessary energy consumption) for the hoteliers.These are only part of the conditions, that Qntra Technology Ltd. takes into account during the creation of its hotel systems.

Qntra Hotel System advantages:

  • Reduced energy consumption, without reducing in any way the comfort of the gests
  • Management of air conditioning in every room
  • Access control management
  • Internal information system
  • Fire Alarm
  • Easy exploitation

Qntra hotel system is a good solution for every hotel, that seeks maximization of the profits at the expense of unnecessary outlays, instead on account of the quality of the offered services. Qntra Technology's complete solutions are bound with the specifications of every single hotel. The Flexibility of the system allows upgrade and re-setting whenever the customer needs it.