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Systems for count and management of the vehicle flow

Advantages of the System for management of the parking places and the traffic of vehicles

  • Fast and easy orientation in the parking zone.
  • Control and distribution of the traffic by levels by means of LED plates and sings.
  • Reduction of the redundant traffic in the parking zone.
  • Optimizing the capacity of the parking zone.
  • High quality of the offered service.
  • Statistics and optimization thru software.

Potentialities of the system for count the traffic by levels, and for managing of the LED plates

Different possibilities for the work of the system

  • By itself.
  • Integrated in different parking systems.

Count of the entrance/ exit traffic and visualization

  • Free parking places
  • Occupied parking places

Management of the LED plates for displaying dynamic information

  • Dynamic text.
  • Numerals.
  • Indicative sings.

Traffic light control

  • Red – full parking.
  • Green – free places in the parking zone.

Blocking of the incoming traffic in case of overfilling at the parking zone

Automatic block of the entrance access devices in order to avoid traffic jam in the zone

Inputs for alarm signals from other systems

  • Fire Protection systems, Gas protection Systems, etc.
  • - Outputs for outer devices management.
  • Configuration of the outputs to send a signal to different outer devices in case that the parking zone is full
  • 2p. NO/COM/NC

System components

Main controller

  • Manages up to 31 display controllers.
  • Programming and setting of the counting and visualization according to the needs of the particular object.
  • LCD display and keypad for setup.

Display Controller

  • Controls up to 2 entrance/ exit zones.
  • LED plates
  • Traffic lights, etc.
  • 26 inputs for alarm events
  • 26 ounputs for management of traffic lights and other outer devices
  • Control voltage and electricity 220V/4A

  • Single digit and multiple digit LED plates
  • LED sings, and guiding arrows
  • LED traffic lights

Statistics and Management Software

  • Module for management of the controllers and setup of the counting zones.
  • Control over the LED plates in emergency situation
  • Export and print of reports and statistics concerning the traffic and the busyness of the parking zone