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Automatic Parking Systems Qntra-Park

Automatic Parking System Qntra-Park for access and Pay controll of the time spent in the parking zone

    The Automatic System Qntra for parking control is complex and flexible solution for the access control and the taxation of the time spent in the parking zone. It aims to automate and optimize the usage of the parking zones, and to answer to all of the requirements of the client. The organization and automation of the two-way traffic in the parking areas is the main goal of the system, as well as to improve the service and the taxation of the time spent in the zone. Also thru the integration of the system for cars counting by levels and zones and the management of LED signs, the automatic parking system controls completely all the activities in the parking facilitie without the operator having to do anything. The selfsupervision modules of the system give the operator the opportunity for uninterrupted monitoring of all of the system components,such as:
    • Barriers,
    • Entrance/exit Terminals,
    • Payment Terminals,
    • Hardware devices for management of staff and subscription cards etc.


    The Automatic Parking solutions Qntra have enormous applications in multiple areas and zones, as for example:
    Parking lots and garages
    Supermarkets and universal shops
    Trade centers (MALL)
    Housing and office buildings
    Stadiums and sports facilities

      Terminal for validation of barcode tickets

      When the barcode ticket gets into the scanner mechanism, the scanner automatically validates for free exit or extends the free stay time.

      The stay can not be paid at this terminal. The terminal for free validation, validates only the ticket for free exit or extends the free stay time.

      Barriers and access devices:

      • Barriers for intensive work
      • Automatics for portal and sliding doors
      • Bollards
      • Road-Block

      Qntra Parking Software

      QPS: Software for management of automatic system Qntra.

      The registration and access control of the staff and the subscription of cards, as well as the payment and extend of the stay in the area are done by the software module for parking lot management. QPS includes the opportunity to define different tariffs for hour stay, as well as diverse subscription tariff plans (yearly; monthly; weekly; daily,etc).

      The QPS module can provide different types of reports. They can be printed or exported as DOC, XLS, RTF, PDF etc.

        Software Modules

    • System administration
    • The rights of the operator, the access of staff cards, the tariffs, the subscriptions, the free time that can be spent in the area, fines etc. are configured thru the administration module.

    • Payment
    • The automatic parking system is able to sustain multiple different pay-desks – automatic terminals, as well as the opportunity to pay thru an operator.

    • Fiscal devices report
    • The account and the fiscalization of the accumulated cash turnover of each particular operator are done thru the accounting module.

    • Fines
    • The module for fines configures a special tariff, which is demanded in a case of lost or damaged materials – a card or a ticket. The system allows the visitor to leave thru the exit after he pays the fine.

    • Monitoring
    • The QPS has the possibility and the functionality to show, visualize all entrance/ exit events, as well as the current condition of all the Payment Terminals (the condition of the pay-desks, the printing devices, the banknote and coin reading devices, needed materials etc.). Using this module the operator is able to track in each moment the current condition of the parking zone. In case of unauthorized access to the parking zone the system is able to alarm the operator by visualization in the monitoring module or with sound signal.

    • Reports and statistics
    • The QPS software module produces many different reports: Report for the money flow according to operators and payment terminals.

      • Reports for the detailed accounts of the payments
      • Reports for the fiscal devices closings
      • Reports for activated and deactivated subscription plans
      • Reports for activation and deactivation of staff cards and vouchers
      • Fine reports
      • Different reports can be developed according to specifications of the client
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