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Professional DVR (Digital Video Recorders)

The video recorder looks somewhat like DVD - it records and stores the video signals from the connected to the video surveillance system cameras into a built-in hard drive, purchased separately, depending on the required duration of the record. These devices are dividet into three groups: economical, standart and professional video cameras. The economical are used for the construction of small and medium video surveillance systems, the standart - when the requirements for the analytical capabilities of the software are higher, and the professional video recorders support more than one hard drive and allow the unification of the disk space in a RAID array. They are used in the construction of large or urban video surveillance systems, where the storage of the video recordings for a longer period of time, is needet. Nowadays the modern business is growing rapidly and is becoming more and more diverse, which inevitably increases the requirements for the security equipment. We present you our series of professional digital video recorders, that can "grow" simultaneously with your business and yet to be always one step ahead of the dynamically changing contemporary requirements for security. We can offer you DVR devices with compression method H.264. In this method the degree of compression is higher than that of the other offered (MJPEG and MPEG-4)and therefore - the quality of the received image is better. In addition the methods of compression MJPEG and MPEG-4 require higher network speed during a real-time monitoring or during a review of the records through Internet.