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Speed dome PTZ Cameras

Mechanical camera Pan/ Tilt/ Zoom (PTZ - Panning - Tilting - Zooming).

The PTZ cameras can cover a large area becouse of their great flexibility working in panorama, tilt, manually or automaticlly zooming mode.

The PTZ camera can be rotated in all axes and also get closer to the image of the scene. The movement can be controlled in many ways, such as: manually (by using a special controller) or through commands sent via DVR, PC or other devices. Through an integrated function in the DVR Video Surveillance system, the operator can adjust the PTZ camera to automatically change different scenes, by rotating at a certain interval, but when he wants to, he can take over the control and direct the camera to the scene, that he wants to observe.

Dome cameras are ideal solution for discreet installations, because of their design, in witch it is hard to know the angle of the camera shooting. The PTZ camera is used, for example, to trak a moving person or vehicle. The optical zoom usually ranges between 12x and 36x. The oudoor installation is via housings.

If you want to see what is happening in your offices, hotels, shops, restaurants, bars, clubs, stores and many others, you just need to write the address of the camera in internet explorer. No matter where in the world you are, you can see how your business develops and take countermeasures. The network camera can be described as camera and computer, combined in one intelligent decision. The camera captures and sends a live video, directy to an IP network such as LAN, intranet or internet, and allows the users to see and/or control the camera, using a standart web browser or video management software of any local or remote computer in the network. The camera allows to the authorized viewers from different locations to simultaneously access the images from the same network camera.